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 How does the Random Item Cross-sell feature work?
Solution The Random Item Page Cross Sell enhancement can be customized to use the same small group of items throughout an entire section or the entire site. Normally you activate the random cross-sell feature by loading cross-sell item IDs into the LABEL field. We can configure this enhancement to work one of three ways for you...

1. You load the item id's into the product's LABEL field and they display randomly on that item page.
2. The enhancement is coded so it uses the parent section as the group of contents to choose from.
3. The enhancement is coded to use a main VARIABLE to populate the cross-sell area of every page.

Options 2 and 3 are somewhat automated where option 1 requires you to load the id's into the LABEL field of each page you want to display items on.

The cross-sell items are displayed on ITEM pages.

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